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The following constitutes a contract agreement between Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services and

client,___________________________________________. It is agreed to the following:

Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services will photograph, light, shoot, write, narrate, edit, color correct, format, and host your streaming media project. We will design a video page; a web page with client name/logo and agent name/contact. The narrated video or audio slideshow will be the finished product on-line. We will host the video (Flash Video and Quicktime) for up to one year as part of the fee, and provide a link to the video page (See Sample).

  1. A photo slideshow to music on the dvd, (in addition to the video or audio slideshow) is optional.
  2. It is agreed that "a property" constitutes building 2500 square feet or less.
  3. Guideline prices for real estate shoots: a dwelling or commercial interior up to 2500 square feet (including out buildings) is $500. A property between 2500 and 4000 sq. ft. is $550, 4000 to 6000 sq. ft. is $600 and 6000 to 10,000 sq. ft. is $650.
  4. In the case of multiple dwellings (two houses on a property, or two buildings for a commercial property), the fee will increase as agreed upon, generally in line with square footage.
  5. It is agreed that the average shoot session for 2500 sq. ft is three hours (depending on the project). An approximate time frame can be determined prior to shoot.
  6. The area or zone in which Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services deems local, is within a 25 mile radius of Catskill, NY with the exception of the New York metropolitan area. Anything that falls outside of this zone is pro rated at $.50 per mile; e.g, 200 miles equals $100 additional fee, or a $600 shoot becomes $700. The NYC region is a flat fee of $700.
  7. Each shoot consists of approximately two tripod positions per room. Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services makes sure to get as many shots as needed including insert shots and the surrounding area, e.g.; Main Street, parks, water, etc..
  8. It is agreed that the client will secure the location as photo ready for the day of the shoot. It is recommended that fireplaces and candles are lit, and that the decor is enhanced with flowers and anything else that can help sell the property. All rooms should be clean and photo ready. No items should be left that have to be moved on the day of the shoot. Any and all information about the property and the area is useful in advance, and recommended.
  9. In the event that the client is not completely satisfied with the outcome of the shoot, or the edited completed version, Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services will do whatever possible to accommodate the client within reason. The edited version will initially be viewed as a rough cut, or client copy, and then be fine tuned to request.
  10. If it is determined, at the time of edit, that Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services is obviously lacking shots, we will make arrangements to get these shots at no charge. If the client should want an additional shot(s), after the fact, an additional fee will incur. The average turnaround time is four days.
  11. All master tapes will remain under the ownership of Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services. Raw footage can be released and included with the project for an additional fee of $50.
  12. A 50% deposit is required for all clients prior to the shoot. In the event that the client should experience a change of heart (post edit), and no longer desire the completed version, the client is responsible to pay the balance of the originally agreed upon fee within two weeks. There are times when a client will have to pay in full (in advance) as opposed to 50/50.
  13. Still photographs, (if requested) will become the property of the client and delivered via CD Rom. The photographs will also be on file in case the client desires a DVD with both video and slideshow presentations, or other needs, such as website and brochure design, e-mail needs, or other; interactive electronic brochure.
  14. DVD copies of projects can be purchased at $50 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy. It is agreed that the Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services copyright is honored (by having Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services (only) supply any additional copies that you may need). The DVD includes the company's logo on the DVD itself, and on the screen title / menu page. A slideshow chapter (photos to music) on the DVD is an additional $35.
  15. Complete payment is required within two weeks of the job being posted on-line and the invoice received (unless other arrangements are made). Late fee is $50 per month.
  16. A town / village (other) profile is a 3 to 5 minute narrated video or audio slideshow that is intended to promote the area / place to a web viewing audience. A DVD and photo slideshow is available, as is a Hi-Res CD Rom of photographs. These promos are often used by both real estate agencies and chambers of commerce for promotional purposes. The price structure differs from a real estate video profile due to the time and research involved.
  17. The fee for a town / village promo video is $3,500. Corporate projects: condominiums, golf courses, Universities and business also fall into this category.

I, ____________________________________ have thoroughly read the aforementioned contract agreement. By signing here, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated above.

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©2007 Brian Branigan Digital Photography and Video Services