Kingston Lighthouse, an image from the multimedia presentation celebrating the Hudson River, and Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage. Click here to play slideshow.

Streaming Media Business Ventures Up River

Streaming media, a relatively new technology that includes; audio slideshows, digital video and podcasting for the web, has ventured up river to the to the Hudson Valley and Capital Region.

With studios based in New York City and the Hudson Valley, Brian Branigan Multimedia caters to newpapers, magazines and those ramping up interest in the streaming media market for news, arts, real estate and the broad range of subject matter that benefit from this format.

Individuals and businesses also take advantage of streaming media for; video profiles, town and university profiles, and promotional purposes. A recent client is the very popular Hudson Valley arts and culture magazine, Chronogram.

"To be in-line with what's happening today, says Mr. Branigan, it's important to keep up with what's on-line. And, streaming media is now. It's far more affordable than advertising, it is email and marketing friendly and it has an impressive and growing audience, as the recent multi-billion dollar purchase of YouTube by Google has demonstrated."

Streaming media is any form of media that "streams", or downloads as it plays on a website; slideshows, videos, promos, etc. It includes any combination of still photography, audio, graphics and digital video. For more information, contact

Video Profiles

Bruce Rose
Bruce Rose: Musician

James Dustin
James Dustin: Artist

Carrie Haddad Gallery
Carrie Haddad Gallery

Catskill, NY
About Town: Catskill, NY

Real Estate
Real Estate: Rhinebeck, NY


Patrick Milbourn
Patrick Milbourn: Artist

Hudson, NY
About Town: Hudson, NY

About Town: Keystone

Montauk, NY
Travel: Montauk, NY

Chinatown, NYC
About Town, Chinatown, NYC


Rosie Perez
Rosie Perez

Julia Stiles and Black Thought
Julia Stiles and Black Thought

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