Brian Branigan


RE: Video

"Fabulous... and you got it online so soon!"
Cricket Lee, FitLogic, re: Edit of TODAY SHOW sequence

"Excellent job! Really like it. Will be in touch re: next idea(s)."
Peter Aaron, Assistant Editor, Chronogram, re: Adam Snyder profile

"WONDERFUL, just as I knew it would be!!!"
Mary Broder, Coldwell Banker Country Properties, re:Real Estate video

"I think about you guys every time someone makes a comment about the videos. I've had quite a few positive comments about them. ...There is no doubt that the videos have helped sales, and they really add to the depth of the web site – they make it feel more substantial, and the interchange seems more personal.:
Andy Reid, Reid Plumbing Products, re: video series of Wellmanager® for website

"...your work on this was AMAZING. Everyone loves the footage of the Bowery Ballroom (moby) show!"
Laura Dawn, lead female singer for Moby, re: video shoot of Moby Concert

"Thanks so much! Your coaching and writing and direction are invaluable to me and I thank you for your persistance and patience - not to mention quick turnaround."
Cricket Lee, Creator of Fit Logic, re: Fit Logic Promo for Nordstrom Department Store Display

"For the very limited budget, you produced a professional and I think very effective tool for getting the word out about Catskill. Good work!"
Frank Cuthbert, Owner of BRIK Gallery, Catskill, NY, re: Village of Catskill Promo

"Thank you so very much for this extremely valuable gift. I am very grateful to have this done. You were wonderful today."
Elizabeth Jacks, Director of Cedar Grove / Thomas Cole National Historic Site, re: video shoot with historian, Ray Beecher for Cedar Grove

"The video is making me cry. It is just beautifully done, poignant, touching, I definitely want copies! We need to show it at an event or some suitable occasion. There won't be a dry eye in the house.
I think it is absolutely lovely in every way. You are obviously highly skilled. Thank you for creating this important record, before it was too late. I am very grateful to you. You've done a beautiful thing."
Elizabeth Jacks, Director of Cedar Grove / Thomas Cole National Historic Site, re: Raymond Beecher documentary for Cedar Grove video archives

"Thank you. I think its brilliant! Really great."
Tobias Picker, world renowned MET composer, re: real estate video for Helen Battistoni Real Estate

"Thank you for all of your hard work. The videos look amazing and I know that they will be a powerful tool for us. I look forward to our upcoming projects."
Jason O'Toole, O'Toole Real Estate, re: real estate video for Anthony's II Restaurant and the Freehold Country Inn

"I think you did a great job, thanks so much!"
Carrie Haddad, Carrie Haddad Gallery, re: video profile for Carrie Haddad Gallery


RE: Photography

"Just wanted to let you know that Brian and I LOVED the pictures. We shared them with our family ... and they were really impressed as well. One of my cousins said "I hate wedding pics but these are actually interesting to look at!" That's a high compliment from her. We couldn't be happier with them ourselves. Thanks again."
Gina Larson, re:wedding photos

"I think your photo work is extraordinary and thank you again for capturing the essense of the first events at BRIK."
Frank Cuthbert, Owner of BRIK Gallery, re: photos of BRIK Gallery openings

"Brian, these are gorgeous photos. You have a wonderful way of capturing the feeling of what was happening. Thank you very much for capturing it!"
Elizabeth Jacks, Director of Cedar Grove / Thomas Cole National Historic Site, re: photo shoot with for Cedar Grove

"Thank you so much for sending the photographs. They are fantastic! You are a superb photographer. I have never had so many photos taken in the same sitting that I love. I just briefly looked through them all but I think it's safe to say that I would like each of them."
Prof. Stephanie D. Watt, Director of Theory Studies, Music Department LIU, re: photo shoot for pianist and cellist at Brik Gallery

"Thank you Brian and Allison. We really enjoy working with both of you and appreciate your patience and more importantly YOUR CREATIVE EYE!!!"
Theresa and Jim, Keystone Antiques, re: website photographs and design and photography

"Thank you for your beautiful work. You made it all happen with such ease - a true professional."
Rita Landy, Caleb Streets Inn, re: website photographs for Caleb Streets Inn

"Think the preview of the website is absolutely gorgeous! And I live there!! I'm thrilled with it. Thank you."
Julia Coryell, River Hill Bed and Breakfast, re: website photographs for River Hill B&B






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