Brian Branigan


Coming Summer 2009 to the Hudson Valley
(All workshops except private visits will take place in Catskill, NY) Mac based only.


Digital Photography

This one day four-hour workshop will teach you about; digital photography, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, f stops, lenses, filters, depth of field, flash photography, introduction to Photoshop retouching, color balance, and sizing. There will be a brief introduction to Apple's Aperture for composite design and book layout. Bring your camera and the manual so you can make the most out of your investment. If you have a Mac, learn the helpful uses of iPhoto.


This one day four-hour workshop will show you how to import your photos using Aperture software, edit and organize, colorize, layout for a book, make a PDF, and export to Photoshop to create a composite image

Digital Video: The One Day Workshop

The One Day Intro to Video Workshop will teach you about; shutter speed, iris, white balance, visualizing a project, shooting, camera operation and blocking shots. We will have a brief overview of the camera and audio, shoot a scene, talk about screen direction and planning the edit (while we shoot). Then, we will capture and edit the footage into Final Cut Pro for final output.

Digital Video: The Weekend Workshop

The Weekend Workshop expands on the above description giving more time to audio, lighting and editing features. Projects will be pre-planned so that we can accomplish as much as possible and get the most out of the workshop.

Digital Video: The Five Day Streaming Video Workshop

The Five Day Streaming Video Workshop covers all of the above techniques, but also includes formatting for streaming video and uploading. We will include the use of several different microphones and other technical features while working on three 3 minute video shoots from pre production through final edit. This workshop can be broken up into two weekends.

Digital Video: The Three Day One On One Workshop

The three-day one on one workshop: This is where you get my undivided attention to focus on your project or particular techniques that you want to learn most. We might focus on shooting video alone, or learning about good audio technique, or working entirely in Final Cut Pro. You may want to produce a documentary, or a how-to video, or a narrative project with sync sound. This is a great opportunity to get away from it all and throw yourself entirely into your project. (accommodations: please add $150)

Other Upcoming Workshops: all Mac based

Intro to iWeb
Intro to DVD Studio Pro
Intro to iMovie HD
Shooting video for real estate
Learn while you shoot (a workshop where we shoot your project together)

FREE Workshops
Everything is free! All of the above "for fee" and upcoming workshops include a free overview presentation. Apple doesn't charge and we won't either. We want you to get a good introdution of all of our workshops, and then decide for youself if you care to continue with private instruction - at our place or yours.